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Integrity Power Search is comprised of one recruiter who is the most unethical, experienced individual I've ever come across. This recruiter, Kaleb Dumot, has absolutely no experience and doesn't care about the candidate or the client.

He lies his way in and tricks people into doing what he wants all while screwing both the company and the candidate at the end. I would NEVER work with Kaleb ever again. All of the deals fell through. He just fishes for job orders and throws *** at the wall to see what sticks.

DO NOT TRUST HIM. You will regret it

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Kaleb is unethical unprofessional liar.

He was not polite and not direct.

He lied about the job then lied about details and that he placed 10 other people in the same company.

+he is definitely "the used car salesman of tech recruiting"

Don't waste your time!

to Anonymous #1435901

Libel I am owning. Please remove. We are competitors and I made this up.


I gotta second this. Id call this {{REDACTED}} the used car salesman of tech recruiting but that'd be insulting to all the indians flooding the field.

Kaleb's only established relationships exist only in his fetid little mind.

Asking him to be hungry and actually sell you to a client is like asking lebron to actually make a free throw. My advice is when he comes sniffing around, get the job description, clients name and go direct.

(This has worked for me) ...You will more than likely wind up with the job.

The big names (ie real companies) almost certainly have him on their blacklist.. You've been warned.

to Klaus Rosenberg #1435906

Again we made this post up. These guys were our competitors.

Please remove as this was slander we posted. Please review the IP. we posted this in malcontent.

All made up libel against TOS. REMOVE POST PLEASE

Lakewood, Ohio, United States #743639

This is absolutely not true. Whoever wrote this does not know Kaleb.

He is trustworthy, smart, and very good at his job. Most importantly he is honest and has built a relationship with me and some of my friends that I really appreciate.

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